- on some PNX5230 CID combination unlock by patch produced 5-locks 
   units with "err:19" message. that is fixed now
- k600 loader produced weird version output, that is fixed.
- added trim area images for completely killed a2 phones 
  (ta_forceopen err: 0006)
  flash them as firmware. please note, that k850 trim area image only
  working for K850, while for any other semc a2-phone 
  Shinobu_TA.ssw will do job just fine.
  also please note, that for 100% normal work after trim area repair you
  must full flash phone, then write gdfs package from normal working phone,
  finally you must unlock phone.

  i almost sure, thread with gdfs packages for a2 phone will appear soon.
  rapidshare LINK


if any************ knows any sharp models based on a2 chipset, please
send message to me with their exact model name.

if any************ can send such phones (of course, all costs will be paid by us)
please contact with unlocker.

lets finish that a2 things.