Martech Special FTP Support

New way of downloading files.

Martech Team is proud to present new solution for downloading flash files.
It's written exactly on our customers demand. It's very easy to use.

Each of our previous applications will be updated for Support Download Manager.

First with this option is just released: VSZ Service Tools V1.3

Major options:

- It's official way for downloading Martech flashes since now 
- It will be build in all existing and incoming applications
- No need to remember login or password for downloading
- The most important: USING OUR SUPPORT SERVER/FILES is totally 
  free and unilimted ! 
- We don't take money for using it
- You can download as many files as you want, we don't have files or 
  traffic limit !
- You can find, add various files to queue and download all needed files 
  at one time, you can repeat and resume downloading
- This support downloader will be updated for other functions
- Proxy settings supported
- Be READY ! For next update :-)

download it:

official thread: