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Тема: Новая версия SETooL: v0.915043

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    Новая версия SETooL: v0.915043

    - added RESET mode for db200x,db201x,db2020 phones.
      after such operation phone will became developer (brown) state.
      you can do anything with phone (write gdfs, unlock,etc) while phone 
      in that state.
      you can find all details in  FAQ
    - as side effect, pda emptyboard fill now enabled.
    - added PATCH unlock for S1 phones (new security, old security, etc)
      notice, that phones must have NOT TAMPERED security zone.
      you can find all details in  FAQ
      please note, that it is PATCH unlock and after fullflash 
      phone will be locked again.
      same thing applies to possible incorrect operation - just flash phone.
    - as side effect, added possibility to flash unsigned firmware in any S1 phone.
      that allow users to repair phones with damaged trim area. 
      that require s1 signature server, hopefully it will be online one day.
    rapidshare FULL SETUP LINK

    that is very-very beta software. 
    s1 patch unlock should be tested throughly.
    we tested t303,t250,t280,r300,w302 but not other models,though they
    should be supported just fine.
    because of that, during short beta testing period price for 
    s1 security bypass, db200x,db201x,db2020 reset operation will be ZERO credits.
    after short beta testing period we will setup corresponding price.

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