28.01.2010 - - MT Box update tool v3.16

Release notes:

* Added double confirmation before activating some module on your MT box
* By default in second confirmation step "Cancel" option is selected, so if user press Enter button on keyboard activation will not be done. This will prevent users to activate some module by contingency.
* Added random banners, so you will be informed about Griffin Team news each time you start MT Box update tool. By click on any banner new browser window will appears and will point to www.griffinteam.net
* Added info how many credits will be used from your "Box account" for selected activation

Please note:

We does not send any email with update news to our customers.
About all news you can be informed in next ways:

* If you follow Griffin Team on Twitter

Download and use exe files downloaded only from:

* GT support zone (login using MT Box update tool)
* www.mt-box.org
* http://forum.gtibox.com/from Software Updates pages only (in this section can post Product supporters only)
* www.griffinteam.net
DOWNLOAD http://www.griffinteam.net/cms/downl...tool_v3.16.exe