T610 / T630 Firmware Overview

- Original

- Buggy for me - lots of hangs
- Clock font changed
- Updated ************ logo
- Picture size indicator in camera mode
- The phone doesn't freeze for 30 seconds if it receives a SMS from an alphanumeric sender.

- Buggy (memory issues)
- ~30% ************ speed improvement (JBenchmark test)
- New menu in "Send Message" called "Contacts", saves you one click when sending messages
- When you play recorded conversations, they now play over the loudspeaker (better quality playback then before (the mms method))
- Pictures taken with the camera appear to take up less memory! (avrg 14kb-19kb for large size photo)
- Pictures taken with the camera appear to be clearer (might have to play around with shutter speed)
- When choosing word alternative in T9 while replying to message, pressing the joystick in will no longer send the message, but accept the word. (Finally!) While not in T9 word selection, joystick in will send the message.
- When previewing ringtones from "My sounds" they start at maximum volume
- If vibration is turned on, the phone will now vibrate on calendar/timer

- Fix memory buffer issue

- 50% faster ************ compared to R3C as tested by JBenchmark
- Loading of images longer than the maximum width able to be handled
- SMS sound notification is played on arrival of new email
- Camera viewfinder refreshes faster (not so slow/jerky) in night mode
- Change in design of the large/small picture size icon at top right corner of camera viewfinder

- Blocks the phone from illegal upgrades, e.g. removing customisation.
- No other notable updates

- Nothing noticable

- Side buttons mute function doesn't stop working after 10 seconds
- Perhaps slightly improved display contrast

- Developer only firmware
- Added Debug menu in the Entertainment category
- Allows sending of all phone files via IR/BT, e.g. games
- slow SMS send and recieve
- Poor reception
- JBenchmark: Text: 151, 2D shapes: 124, 3D shapes: 62, Fill rate: 24, Animation: 265

- Released around September 04
- No noticable changes over R6C005

To find out which firmware revision your phone currently has installed, perform the following:


Where < and > represents pushing the joystick left and right respectively.

To update your firmware it is recommened you take your phone to your nearest Service Centre. Firmware upgrades are free within the warranty period: