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Тема: After flashing 6310i w/ cheat Flasher no BT

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    After flashing 6310i w/ cheat Flasher no BT

    Hello every************!

    I try to write in engish, because my russian isnt very good. My probem:

    I have bought a cheat dct4 flasher on ebay.com and tryied to flash my 6310i (V5.xx without Bluetoot support) with DCT Flasher 1.07. First i have selected a patched 4.80 and the "Flash" button occured. After that i have selected the new and unpatched 7.00 version and flashed it to my phone. This procedure has destroyed my phone.

    Finaly i flashed the patched the 5.50 from this page and now the phone works but the bluetooth menu-point can not be selected / i cannot switch the bluetooth on or off.

    Can any************ help me? Has anyone a idea how to fix this problem?



    WitDCT 2.0 has a Bluetooth Fix funktion, but when i try to fix my phone an errormessage "Error in SP command!" occures.

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