Продаю Digital Radiocommunication Tester CMD55 со следующими опциями:

• CMD-B1 OCXO reference oscillator, aging ±1 x 10 -7
• CMD-B4 Fast power ramp
• CMD-B41 Includes audio frequency (AF) generator
• CMD-B42 High dynamic range burst analyzer
• CMD-B43 Carries out GSM measurements of spectrum due to switching and modulation according to the GSM, GSM1800 and GSM1900 recommendations faster than any spectrum analyzer
• CMD-B51 Speech Codec FS vers. 1+2
• CMD-B6
• CMD-B61
• CMD-B9 2nd RF-synthesizer
• CMD-B19 American standard 1900 MHz
• CMD-U12 Modification for fast BER (burst-by-burst) capability
• CMD-U18 Output level of -15 dBm for RF input/output N connector. RF out 2 becomes non-functional, RF in/out 6 dB more sensitive (max. +40 dBm)
• CMD-U20 A special RF converter for the CMD53/55 enables handover between GSM900 and GSM1800/1900 while maintaining the BCCH in the band (lower/upper) in which the handover was initiated.
• 8 MB Memory, CPU 3A

Последняя калибрация до 21.12.2002
Цена 4000 usd

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