Просмотр полной версии : Отличия в прошивках для Nokia3410

08.10.2003, 16:47
Changes/improvements made from version 05.30 to version 05.42:

- Call and network management:
- The phone does not vibrate when receiving a waiting call
- When Call waiting is activated and command *#43# is sent to the network the status shown will be “Call waiting”
- Messaging:
- Phone vibrates correctly when SMS is received
- SMS indicator is always switched off when all messages have been read
- Improved writing of concatenated words when predictive text input is used
- When erasing all messages also read messages in outbox will be erased
- ************:
- Text “Opening application” is shown right way in Arabic
- In some applications functionality of the guage display (e.g. Game level) is improved
- Phonebook:
- Improved handling of Arabic names in phone book applications
- Languages:
- The character “alep” is available in Hebrew with predictive input
- Small text modifications in many languages (e.g. Farsi, Urdu, Afrikaans, Arab, Portuguese and Hebrew)
- Rejecting an incoming call when viewing a picture message does not reset the function
- Right note “Continue” is shown when a user selects split/lap timing during the stopwatch is running
- After reading a reminder a left soft key is “Save” and right is “Back”
- When a phone’s memory is full and there is no capacity to store any reminders the notifying note is shown
- When a profile is received Over the Air, the user is prompted to select a profile name to replace. The header line is now entitled “Replace”
- When selecting a picture for editing the right picture is always shown
- Operator name list updated