Просмотр полной версии : Отличия в прошивках для Nokia1100

11.11.2003, 20:47
Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 3.31 to version 3.44:
- SMS:
- Case indicator in spell mode follows the indicator from the editor mode
- Improved functionality when sending SMS to many
- Sending reminders from Nokia 1100 to another improved
- Receiving business cards is possible from other Nokia phones
- SIM:
- Improved functionality when Hindi used in SIM Toolkit (Get Input)
- Euro sign can be used in SIM Toolkit application (Get Inkey, Character set and query)
- Phonebook:
- Scroll function in Contacts improved in Turkish language package
- Languages:
- Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and Urdu language packages included
- Correction made to Hindi and Thai language packages
- In certain languages squares were shown in header texts. There have been removed
- Display of the word 'calling…' is now displayed correct in all languages
- Service numbers in all SIM cards can be used
- No unwanted characters are displayed when switching from number mode to alpha mode input
- Deleting all read messages does not cause reset
- Improvements made to the ringing tone composer

27.11.2003, 20:37
Информация по языковым пакетам в телефоне Nokia 1100:

25.02.2004, 20:37
Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 3.45 to version 4.15:

- Call and network management:
- Possible to reject a call with headset before the call is connected
- SMS:
- Concatenated message split between SIM and Phone memory is possible
- It is possible to enter email address in the email query
- Alphanumeric sender “number” can be shown in the header
- A picture of a received picture message can be set as a screen saver directly
- SIM:
- SIM Toolkit improvements
- Phonebook:
- It is possible to enter names including more than 20 characters in a SIM card
- Same name can be saved in SIM memory and phone memory
- Search function improved when phone memory active
- Languages:
- Time setting menu in Urdu improved
- Special Character list has been reversed in Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu
- T9 is OFF as a default when adding names to phone book in Arabic and Hebrew
- Cursor movement improved when mixing Latin characters with Arabic and Hebrew letters
- Improved business card sending
- Pressing C-key after alarm expires does not reset the Repeated alarm.
- Key guard functionality improved in Car Kit
- Receiving Reminders and business cards from other Nokia phones improved
- Not possible to overwrite an entry in fixed dialling list without PIN2 code
- A renamed Profile name can be used also in Enhancement settings menu
- Operator name list updated:

Operator name changed
"ESSAR" - "Hutch" - (404/01)
"ESSAR" - "Hutch" - (404/15)
"ESSAR" - "Hutch" - (404/60)
"BRA TA" - "BRA CL" - (724/05)

New operators
"CONCHO" - (310/40) GSM1900
"CORR" - (310/80) GSM1900
"MILLICOM SL" - (619/02)
"VodaCom-MZ" - (643/04)

27.02.2004, 19:29
Народ помогите с прошивкой! Подскажите че да как please!!!!

02.05.2004, 21:19
Могу ошибаться но когда прошил на 4.25
вроде бы(а надо было посмотреть внимательно до)
- приятный скринсавер с часами и датой
- синтезатор мелодий с клавиатуры

немного помаялся когда шил, искал русский языковой пакет. Нашел его в файле ef! С седьмой попытки
Почему то в родной поставке нет справочника по ппм.

04.06.2004, 14:11
Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 04.15 to version 04.25:

- SMS security: operator specific coding schemes added
- Protocol ID improvements
- Support for 8 bit SMS format
Support for 32 MB flash memory added

08.06.2004, 19:18
Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 04.25 to version 04.35:

- SIM:
- Improved functionality when using SIM ATK command Confirm Sim Service
- Missed call counter improved

10.09.2004, 14:42
Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 04.35 to version 05.60:

- Call and network management:
- Wildcard characters are supported in Fixed Dialling
- Call diverts are not possible to be activated when Fixed Dialling in use
- SIM:
- SMS validation time accuracy improved
- SIM Toolkit improvements: e.g. command Refresh improved when using Dual SIM cards
- Cyrillic characters available when writing messages in Russian without T9 dictionary
- Arabic and Hebrew updates
- T9/Predicitive Text input updates
- Operator name list updated:

PS наконец то пофиксили проблему с русским вводом

08.03.2005, 06:29
А кто знает адреса MCU и PPM