Просмотр полной версии : Т610 закриваетса когда R4C003 загружаица

27.10.2004, 20:17
Privet vsem!

Umenja jest odin T610.... u nego IMEI zakrit... nu ja hotel ego isminit, i zaflashil ego s T610_FullFlash_v5_EMEA1_R1L013.

Togda on stal rabotat, nu ja hotel shtob on bil na R4C003 i escho ego zaflashil... I opjat on zakrilsa... cho mne delat? kto nebut znajit? :(

cheers, mero

27.10.2004, 21:13
okay.. I don't know if any************ understood what I wrote, so I'll write it english--

I have an T610, and I want to change the IMEI on it..

Anyways, the phones original SW was R4C003. Then I flashed it with T610_FullFlash_v5_EMEA1_R1L013

and i was able to change the IMEI.. but I need norwegian language on it, so I flashed it again, this time with T610_R4C003_EU4 and then 4 locks got closed.. I tried to reset the GDFS, but it didn't help... anyone knows what to do? how can I make it an empty board? When I flashed it with T610_FullFlash_v5_EMEA1_R1L013, and did a Default SP Area, DIV told me: NOTE! Connected phone is not an empty board!.. what do I need to make it an empty board? some************ please help me :aoops: :(

cheers, mero

27.10.2004, 22:24

может тут ты ж imei хочеш поменять?

27.10.2004, 22:30
Thank you very very much for the answer!!! :D :D
do you know where I can get these files ?

I think I need T610_GDFS_in_AVR_Format...

could you give me the link to all necessary files?
cheers, mero

28.10.2004, 01:21

28.10.2004, 01:37
thank you so very much!! :) :) you're great :)