Просмотр полной версии : Релиз LGTooL 1.56

06.04.2012, 14:37


Added support for SKY phones!
Added support for more Alcatel models and PRD's.
World's first support for LG Optimus L3 and much other LG models first in the World!

New for LGTOOL direct services:

SKY R470, R470S, R520, R520S, U570, U570K, S350, S410, S410K
- Read/Write NVM
- Unlock

LG MS910 - World's first
- Read/Write MEID
- Read/Write ESN
- Read/Write SID/NID
- Read/Write SSD_A, SSD_B, AKEY, OTKSL
- Read/Write SPC
- Read/Write PRL
- Dump/Flash NVM
- File explorer
- Flash Firmware
- Factory reset

LG SV260 - World's first
- Read/Write MDN
- Read/Write Digital MIN
- Read/Write SSD_A, SSD_B, AKEY, OTKSL
- Read ESN
- File explorer
- Flash Firmware

LG SV300, SV390, SV420, SV570, SV600, KV4200, LV3800, LV7500, SV710, SV730 - All is World's first!
- Read/Write MDN
- Read/Write Digital MIN
- Read/Write SSD_A, SSD_B, AKEY, OTKSL
- Read ESN
- File explorer
- Flash Firmware

New for LGTOOL remote services:

LG E400, E400F, KU5400, MS840, SU540, S367 - All is World's first!
- calculate unlcok codes

Added Provider IDs to Alcatel Remote Calculator:
113X-2AG2GW3, 113X-2BG2GW3, 113X-2CG2GW3, 208A-2AJOEC1,
208A-2BJOEC1, 208X-2ALHCH1, 208X-2ARTRU1, 208X-2BLHCH1,
208X-2BRTRU1, 209A-2AMVHN1, 209A-2BMVHN1, 209A-2CMVHN1,
209A-2DMVHN1, 209A-2EMVHN1, 209A-2FMVHN1, 209A-2GMVHN1,
209A-2HMVHN1, 209A-2IMVHN1, 209A-2JMVHN1, 209A-2KMVHN1,
209A-2LMVHN1, 209A-2MMVHN1, 209A-2NMVHN1, 209A-2PMVHN1,
209A-2QMVHN1, 209A-2RMVHN1, 209A-2SMVHN1, 209A-2TMVHN1,
209A-2UMVHN1, 209A-2VMVHN1, 209A-2WMVHN1, 209A-2YMVHN1,
209A-2ZMVHN1, 209X-24ALGH1, 209X-25ALGH1, 209X-26ALGH1,
209X-2AALGH1, 209X-2BALGH1, 209X-2CALGH1, 209X-2DALGH1,
209X-2EALGH1, 209X-2FALGH1, 209X-2GALGH1, 209X-2HALGH1,
209X-2IALGH1, 209X-2JALGH1, 209X-2KALGH1, 209X-2LALGH1,
209X-2MALGH1, 209X-2NALGH1, 209X-2PALGH1, 209X-2QALGH1,
209X-2RALGH1, 209X-2SALGH1, 209X-2TALGH1, 209X-2UALGH1,
209X-2VALGH1, 209X-2WALGH1, 209X-2YALGH1, 209X-2ZALGH1,
214X-2AATTE3, 214X-2BATTE3, 214X-2CATTE3, 214X-2DATTE3,
214X-2EATTE3, 223X-2AALUA1, 223X-2AC9PC1, 223X-2BALUA1,
223X-2BC9PC1, 223X-2CALUA1, 223X-2CC9PC1, 223X-2DALUA1,
223X-2DC9PC1, 223X-2EALUA1, 223X-2EC9PC1, 223X-2FALUA1,
223X-2FC9PC1, 223X-2GALUA1, 223X-2GC9PC1, 223X-2HALUA1,
223X-2HC9PC1, 252X-2AVDAL1, 252X-2BVDAL1, 252X-2CVDAL1,
252X-2DVDAL1, 252X-2EVDAL1, 252X-2FVDAL1, 306X-2ATNME3,
306X-2BTNME3, 306X-2CTNME3, 306X-2DTNME3, 306X-2ETNME3,
306X-2FTNME3, 355DX-2AM1TE3, 355DX-2BM1TE3, 355DX-2CM1TE3,
355DX-2DM1TE3, 356A-2ELUUS1, 356A-2FLUUS1, 385JA-2DMVGT1,
385JA-2DMVHN1, 385JA-2EMVGT1, 385JA-2EMVHN1, 385JA-2FMVGT1,
385JA-2FMVHN1, 385JA-2GMVHN1, 385X-2AMNTE1, 385X-2BMNTE1,
385X-2CMNTE1, 385X-2DBYFR1, 385X-2DMNTE1, 385X-2EBYFR1,
385X-2EMNTE1, 385X-2FBYFR1, 385X-2FMNTE1, 385X-2GBYFR1,
385X-2GMNTE1, 390A-2ATLMX1, 390A-2BTLMX1, 390A-2CTLMX1,
390X-2AALGR1, 390X-2BALGR1, 390X-2CALGR1, 455X-2BVDAL1,
455X-2CVDAL1, 455X-2DVDAL1, 506A-2AMVSVA, 506A-2ATLMXA,
506DX-2AALPL1, 506DX-2AM1TE3, 506DX-2BALPL1, 506DX-2BM1TE3,
506X-2AALME1, 506X-2BALME1, 585A-2AAVDO3, 585A-2BAVDO3,
585A-2CAVDO3, 585A-2DAVDO3, 585DX-2ADCFA1, 585DX-2BDCFA1,
585DX-2CDCFA1, 585DX-2DDCFA1, 585X-2ADCFA1, 585X-2BDCFA1,
585X-2CDCFA1, 585X-2DDCFA1, 602A-2AIMMX1, 602A-2BIMMX1,
602A-2CIMMX1, 602A-2DIMMX1, 602A-2EIMMX1, 602A-2FIMMX1,
602A-2GIMMX1, 602A-2HIMMX1, 602DX-2AALUA1, 602DX-2APDIN1,
602DX-2ASKID5, 602DX-2BALUA1, 602DX-2BPDIN1, 602DX-2BSKID5,
602DX-2CALUA1, 602DX-2CPDIN1, 602DX-2CSKID5, 602DX-2DALUA1,
602DX-2DPDIN1, 602DX-2DSKID5, 602DX-2ESKID5, 602DX-2FSKID5,
602DX-2GALUA1, 602DX-2GPDIN1, 602DX-2GSKID5, 602DX-2HALUA1,
602DX-2HPDIN1, 602DX-2HSKID5, 602DX-2JSKID5, 602X-2ATNME1,
602X-2BTNME1, 602X-2CTNME1, 602X-2DTNME1, 602X-2EEHFR1,
602X-2FEHFR1, 602X-2GTNME1, 602X-2HTNME1, 665A-2ACECO1,
665A-2AIWUS1, 665A-2BCECO1, 665A-2BIWUS1, 665A-2CCECO1,
665A-2CIWUS1, 665A-2DIWUS1, 665A-2ICECO1, 665A-2IIWUS1,
665A-2JCECO1, 665A-2JIWUS1, 665X-2AALUA1, 665X-2BALUA1,
665X-2CALUA1, 665X-2DALUA1, 665X-2DRGRE1, 665X-2EALUA1,
665X-2ERGRE1, 665X-2FALUA1, 665X-2FRGRE1, 665X-2GALUA1,
665X-2GRGRE1, 665X-2HALUA1, 665X-2HRGRE1, 665X-2IALUA1,
665X-2JALUA1, 710DX-2AD3IN1, 710DX-2AIGIN1, 710DX-2AJOEC1,
710DX-2BD3IN1, 710DX-2BIGIN1, 710DX-2BJOEC1, 710DX-2FD3IN1,
710DX-2FIGIN1, 710DX-2FJOEC1, 710DX-2GD3IN1, 710DX-2GIGIN1,
710DX-2GJOEC1, 710X-2AALLK1, 710X-2BALLK1, 710X-2FALLK1,
710X-2GALLK1, 803FX-2ARGTE3, 803FX-2BRGTE3, 803FX-2CRGTE3,
803FX-2DRGTE3, 803FX-2ERGTE3, 803X-2AMNTE1, 803X-2BMNTE1,
803X-2CMNTE1, 803X-2DMNTE1, 803X-2EMNTE1, 808X-2AALZM1,
808X-2BALZM1, 808X-2CALZM1, 808X-2IALPT1, 808X-2JALPT1,
810A-2CRGDO3, 810A-2CTGMX1, 810A-2CTLMX1, 810A-2GALMX1,
810A-2GRGDO3, 810A-2GTGMX1, 810A-2GTLMX1, 810A-2HALMX1,
810A-2HTGMX1, 810A-2IALMX1, 810A-2ITGMX1, 810DX-2DALDZ1,
810DX-2DALHU1, 810DX-2DALTN1, 810DX-2DJSLK1, 810DX-2EALDZ1,
810DX-2EALHU1, 810DX-2EALTN1, 810DX-2EJSLK1, 810DX-2FALDZ1,
810DX-2FALHU1, 810DX-2FALTN1, 810DX-2FJSLK1, 810DX-2GALDZ1,
810DX-2GALHU1, 810DX-2GALTN1, 810DX-2GJSLK1, 810X-2CALBG1,
810X-2CALCH1, 810X-2CALDE1, 810X-2CALES1, 810X-2CMCMA1,
810X-2CRGTE3, 810X-2GALBG1, 810X-2GALCH1, 810X-2GALDE1,
810X-2GALES1, 810X-2GMCMA1, 810X-2GRGTE3, 810X-2HALBG1,
810X-2HALCH1, 810X-2HALDE1, 810X-2HALES1, 810X-2HMCMA1,
810X-2HRGTE3, 810X-2IALBG1, 810X-2IALCH1, 810X-2IALDE1,
810X-2IALES1, 810X-2IMCMA1, 810X-2IRGTE3, 813A-2AAVGT1,
813A-2CAVGT1, 813A-2FAVGT1, 813A-2GAVGT1, 813A-2HAVGT1,
818DX-2AALBG1, 818DX-2AALEG1, 818DX-2AALOM1, 818DX-2AALRU1,
818DX-2BALBG1, 818DX-2BALEG1, 818DX-2BALOM1, 818DX-2BALRU1,
818DX-2CALBG1, 818DX-2CALEG1, 818DX-2CALOM1, 818DX-2CALRU1,
818DX-2DALBG1, 818DX-2DALEG1, 818DX-2DALOM1, 818DX-2DALRU1,
818DX-2EALBG1, 818DX-2EALEG1, 818DX-2EALOM1, 818DX-2EALRU1,
818DX-2FALBG1, 818DX-2FALEG1, 818DX-2FALOM1, 818DX-2FALRU1,
818DX-2GALBG1, 818DX-2GALEG1, 818DX-2GALOM1, 818DX-2GALRU1,
818X-2AALME1, 818X-2AALZM1, 818X-2BALME1, 818X-2BALZM1,
818X-2CALME1, 818X-2CALZM1, 818X-2DALME1, 818X-2DALZM1,
818X-2EALME1, 818X-2EALZM1, 818X-2ETNHU1, 818X-2FALME1,
818X-2FALZM1, 818X-2FTNHU1, 818X-2GALME1, 818X-2GALZM1,
818X-2GTNHU1, 888A-2AAVGT1, 888A-2APUUS1, 888A-2BAVGT1,
888A-2BPUUS1, 888A-2CAVGT1, 888A-2CPUUS1, 888A-2DAVGT1,
888A-2DPUUS1, 888DX-2AALRU1, 888DX-2AJSLK1, 888DX-2BALRU1,
888DX-2BJSLK1, 888DX-2CALRU1, 888DX-2CJSLK1, 888DX-2DALRU1,
888DX-2DJSLK1, 900A-2ATLCOA, 900A-2ATLECB, 900A-2ATLPEB,
900A-2DTLPEB, 900X-2AALFR1, 900X-2AALTN1, 900X-2AALZM1,
900X-2AMCMA1, 900X-2BALFR1, 900X-2BALTN1, 900X-2BALZM1,
900X-2BMCMA1, 900X-2CALFR1, 900X-2CALTN1, 900X-2CALZM1,
900X-2CMCMA1, 900X-2DALFR1, 900X-2DALTN1, 900X-2DALZM1,
900X-2DMCMA1, 905A-2AAVGT1, 905A-2BAVGT1, 905A-2CAVGT1,
907N-2AALIT1, 907N-2BALIT1, 907N-2CALIT1, F152X-2BSFRE1,
I808X-2AM4VN3, I808X-2BM4VN3, I808X-2CM4VN3, I808X-2DM4VN3,
I808X-2EM4VN3, V555X-2ASUSG1, V555X-2BSUSG1

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