Просмотр полной версии : 6610i

02.12.2004, 19:50
Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 3.10 to version 4.10:

Support for all ISO-8859 characters enabled: name is not dropped out from delivered business card if there is Cyrillic characters in the name
Cell broadcast:
When the cell info display and the message info channel 50 are activated both information can be displayed at same time
Enhanced Midlet verification checking in accordance with latest jave J2ME releases
Russian T9 updated
Improvement in Slovenian when clock time format 12-hours is selected
Call divert in Italian: While making a call, note translation changed to “Nota: deviazione chiamate entranti” to cover both conditional and unconditional diverts
SIM communication improved during ************ game
Phonebook functionality improved
Polyphonic ringing tone volume increased to same level than monophonic ringing tones when phone is used with car kit
Time and date information is not requested to input if the phone has been charged with ACP-12 charger for long (at least 10 hours) and then the phone is switched on
Added enhanced TDS-6 support for production purposes
Operator name list updated