Просмотр полной версии : Div8.4 for Z600

02.02.2004, 13:17
Вот попался на глаза на Celluar Support DIV 8.4 updated (Z600) (http://cellular-support.com/nuke/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=getit&lid=868#dl)

DIV 8.4 software for use with Terminator. Phone model selection was changed to reflect Z600 support. Also some tooltips were changed (for example Rebuild SP area using OTP IMEI). Some of Zulea's spelling errors (Chanell Menu > Channel Menu, Batery Menu > Battery Menu, ...) were also corrected. Also the notices, that it is cracked software were removed, so people selling Terminator dongle can package this version with their Terminators, because it shows Z600 support and does not display any cracking-message.

02.02.2004, 13:48
ну с r600 коды считал , однако читать z600 я не рискну пока ;)

02.02.2004, 19:11
попробовал с Т610, коды считал, back up и rebuild сделал. Z600 пока нет, но как появится попробую.

02.02.2004, 21:00
Прочитал коды с Т68i, прошил ARM - вроде работает !
Ну кто рискнет на Z600 :)
У меня просто тела наверно даже в городе нету.