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Тема: DIV v6.2 Cracked!

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    Администрация Аватар для GSM™
    Благодарностей: 1,552 : 357

    DIV v6.2 Cracked!

    Наконец обладатели Terminator Dongle получили возможность теперь не только разлачивать или убивать свои телефоны, но и перешивать и восстанавливать их. Наконец вышла вскрытая версия DIV v6.2, которая работает с терминатором (т.е. без Smart-карты). Теперь остаётся запастись русскими флэшами и можно заняться руссификацией телефонов, и даже переделкой. Например доступны такие переделки, как:
    Т300 в Т310
    Т68м в Т68i
    и ещё небоольшое количество файлов, для этих целей

    Вот несколько screenshots, c программ из этого комплекта:

    Ещё раз повторяю, что это работает только с работающим Terminator Dongle, схему которого можно найти тут. Так-же необходима будет небольшое описание, как пользоваться прошраммой.

    Удачи в использовании
    Вложения Вложения

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    Администрация Аватар для GSM™
    Благодарностей: 1,552 : 357
    What's new in version 6.2:

    - P800 unlocking and T310 flash/unlocking support added
    - upgrade T300 to T310. Detailed procedure in MANUAL4.DOC
    T310 Flash files (R1G001) added in Support Area
    - "Write GDFS" operation added for all 'Ericsson original' brand phones
    With this function can make some repairs and change settings
    Current GDFS files available are:
    More details about each file in "MANUAL4.DOC"
    Soon will be available more GDF files
    - T200 new version Flash files added in Support Area (R7A006)
    - T100 new version Flash files added in Support Area (R6E)

    What's new in version 6.1:

    - Fast flash function (460 kbps) for T100 added
    - Flash files with all language packs for T100
    added in Support Area
    - Flash function for A3618 added

    What's new in version 6.0:

    - Repair phones broken by Terminator (all 4 locks closed)
    For this function just use "Reset GDFS" button
    Work ONLY on phones damaged by Terminator dongles!
    NOT work on empty phones or phones with damaged IMEI!
    - "ERROR 0101" on some T68i and T65 phones corrected
    ( no more need to use old version 3.8 )

    What's new in version 5.2:

    - boot entering mode bug ("ERROR 0101") corrected
    - T100 bug from version 5.1 corrected

    What's new in version 5.1:

    - flashing support for R600sc added
    - R600 flashing procedure improved
    - added "Reset User Code" function on R600
    - added support for new Schlumberger e-gate SmartCards
    (dongles delivered after 17-January-2003)

    What's new in version 5.0:

    - A3618 all versions supported now (latest ASIC type)
    - A3618 enable all language sets when 'Read All Codes'
    - support for T100 added (only read codes)
    - flashing support for R600 added
    - new User Manual - v3 released
    - new Language description DOC v3 released
    (with R600 language packs description)

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    Администрация Аватар для GSM™
    Благодарностей: 1,552 : 357
    1. Plug DONGLE into LPT (Printer) port
    2. Plug cable into DONGLE and the other part into USB port
    3. Start the software

    Do NOT run the software directly from CD, copy first to your local HDD !!
    Now is ready to work with phones.

    Working steps
    1. Plug phone WITHOUT battery to cable
    2. Put the battery to phone
    3. Do NOT power ON the phone!!
    4. Make desired operation
    5. Remove battery
    6. Remove cable from phone's bottom connector

    !!! Phone's battery must be FULL charged for all operations !!!
    !!! Do NOT press any buttons on phone when any operation is in progress !!!

    These steps must be followed in EXACTLY this order, especially on R600 and T100. On A3618, R600 and T100 don't forget to remove battery and put back again before try to power up the phone, because after reading Network Codes the phone remains in TEST MODE. Also, on this phones, after entering Network Codes (to unlock SP) power down the phone from ON/OFF button. The lock/unlock status is saved in flash memory only at power down operation!
    A3618 have a special procedure: it must be connected WITHOUT battery, and AFTER press the button for desired operation (e.g. Read All Codes) just insert the battery.
    On T300, to avoid any errors is better to put the battery’s cover when make any operation, because on this model the battery not fit strongly enough inside phone without cover, and the contact (electric power) from battery to phone can be lost when operation is in progress.

    If any error occurs when working, do these steps in this order:
    1. Remove battery
    2. Disconnect cable
    3. Connect cable
    4. Put battery back
    5. Try again desired operation


    NEVER try to write a Flash file from other model/type!! Especially if you write Main Flash (AVR) files from one "big flash" model (T68, T300) to a "small flash" model (R520, T39, T65, T200) you will damage FOREVER your phone, because Security Area in GDFS will be overwrite!!


    Where is stored Network codes?
    The Network Lock/Unlock codes (NCK, NSCK, CCK, and SPCK) are also saved in file "CODESLOG.TXT". This is very useful for A3618 and R600. Also, for A3618 and R600, the software is shown on the screen ONLY Network UNLOCK codes. The other codes (for Lock to network) can be find in log file named "CODESLOG.TXT" located in current working directory.

    How to upgrade T68m to T68i
    1. Write (upload) GDFS file "T68m_to_T68i_Version2.GDF"
    2. Write (upload) Main CPU (AVR) with desired flash (language) from T68i or T68ic
    3. Write (upload) Modem flash (ARM) with file from T68i or T68ic. All the time use the file with SAME revision code as used for Main CPU! For example, if you used for Main CPU the file “T68i_EMEA1_R5C001.sbn” you have to use for Modem flash the file “T68i_Modem_R5C001.arm” (in this case the revision code for both files is R5C001). Also, if you used for Main CPU the file “T68ic_HongKong_R2A014.sbn” you have to use for Modem CPU the file “T68ic_Modem_R2A014.arm” (now the revision code was R2A014 for both files).
    4. Disconnect phone from cable
    5. Press NO (Power) button and keep pressed for 4-5 seconds. Don't panic if phone will not power on immediately!
    6. Wait 10-20 seconds until phone will power on (the new flash will initialize phone, and this take some time)
    WARNING (specialy for Chinese/Asian market):

    On CD received (first release – version 1) it was an error.

    The 2 files from directory “\!Flash\Main_Flash.AVR\T68ic”:
    “T68ic_China_R5C001.sbn” and “T68ic_HongKong_R5C001.sbn”
    MUST be renamed to:
    “T68ic_China_R2A014.sbn” and “T68ic_HongKong_R2A014.sbn”

    The 2 Modem files for revision code R2A014 is missing.
    Ask your box vendor for this 2 files:
    “T68i_Modem_R2A014.arm” and “T68ic_Modem_R2A014.arm”
    and place this files in their specific folders and/or subfolders.

    How to upgrade T300 to T310
    1. Write (upload) Main CPU (AVR) with desired flash (language) from T310
    2. Write (upload) GDFS file "T300_to_T310.GDF"
    3. Disconnect phone from cable

    When use any FLASH file, this must be copyed from CD to PC or NoteBook HardDisk and the Read Only flag must be cleared (all files are stored on CD with Read Only flag set).

    Write GDFS operations detail
    All new Sony-Ericsson phones have a special part area in Flash chip named GDFS. This area is used because the new phones no more have an separate EEPROM chip. Here is stored all parameters regarding the phone (SP lock codes, SP lock status, User code, RF calibration, games, display settings, … and many more). From software version 6.2 there is a new operation available for all ‘original brand’ Sony-Ericsson made phones, named “Write GDFS”. This operation was available in old software versions only for upgrade T68m to T68i. There is also provided more GDFS files for different repair or upgrade operations.
    This files are in a special TXT format, and do NOT try to edit this (you can damage your phone forever)! Also, use a specified file ONLY for the phone model for what this is provided!

    Here is a description of each GDFS file available now:
    “T68m_to_T68i_Version2.GDF” - used for upgrade T68m phones to T68i phones
    “T300_to_T310.GDF” – used for upgrade T300 phones to T310 (will add new games)
    “T39_EMS_fix.GDF” – used for fix bug in EMS messages for T39 phones
    “T65_Volume00_fix.GDF” – will remove “Volume 0/0” bug after flash on T65 phones
    “T68_HBH30_Echo_fix.GDF” – fix echo problems on HBH30 handsfree
    “T68_Reset_Joystik_Counter.GDF” – the name say it all
    “T68_Set_Mic_Normal.GDF” – will set microphone sensitivity to normal on T68 phones
    “T68_Volume00_fix.GDF” – will remove “Volume 0/0” bug after flash on T68 phones
    “ALL_Models_Channel_Menu_ON.GDF” – enable “Channel info” menu on all models
    “ALL_Models_Channel_Menu_OFF.GDF” – desable “Channel info” menu

    More GDFS files for different repair/upgrade operations will be added soon and the description for this will be in next revision of this User Manual.

    Some flashing tips and what is “AVR CPU” and “ARM CPU”
    Inside new ‘original brand’ SonyEricsson phones there is two processors (CPU’s). One is Main CPU and this is AVR chip, and the second is Modem CPU and this is ARM chip.
    The Main CPU (AVR chip) is holding almost all phone functions, including language packs available. The Modem CPU (ARM chip) take care of Infrared communications (IRDA), Bluetooth and Data/Fax functions.
    On ‘non original’ SonyEricsson phones (this are A3618, R600 and T100) there is only one Main CPU (an ARM chip). Also on latest models ‘original brand’ T200 and T300 the Modem CPU (ARM chip) is no more present.
    When flash a phone, usually is enough to flash the Main CPU (AVR chip). The Modem CPU (ARM chip) is needed to be re-flashed only when upgrade T68m to T68i or when make major version upgrade (e.g. from R2A to R5D or so on). If there is any error in “Connect” or “WAP services” menus, or if phone hang-up when try to enter any of this menus, a flash update for Modem CPU (ARM chip) is needed. Also the Modem CPU need to be upgraded if there is any errors in Bluetooth functionality. In all other cases, the Modem CPU no need to be upgraded.

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    Da blin toz daite skociat hot odin fail, a to v download nelzia zoiti cio za lamerzjo, nadojelo citat figniu vsiakuju, daite normalnyje linki k failam ;/
    toz ne zveri...

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    Ты с твоим таким подходом вобще ничего не получиш скорее всего

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    вот какие ... попадают
    ламерство блин еще говорит
    читать научись сначала

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    Какой на улице год пацаны????

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    да дело не в том что у чувака машина времени сломалась
    а в отношении хоть бы правила форума прочитал а то что за ламерство не качаются файлы у него еще и оскорбляет честную публику

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