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Тема: Mobius/PX - Phonebook and SMS

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    Mobius/PX - Phonebook and SMS

    Mobius/PX - Phonebook and SMS

    Main features:

    Browse your phonebook and SMS folders using a simple explorer-style interface
    Simple to use - just drag & drop!
    One-touch backup function - automatically archive your folders
    Edit multi-entry items, addresses and notes in your phonebook
    Archive your SMS messages permanently on your PC
    Print your SMS messages or phonebook
    Back up your phonebook or transfer from one phone to another
    Connect up to 5 phones at once (you'll need extra infrared ports or cables)!

    Simply connect your phone to your PC using a compatible data cable, infrared or Bluetooth adapter (available on this web site), and Mobius/PX will allow you to explore, print and save your contacts and SMS messages. All you have to do is point/click/drag, and the items you select will be filed away on your hard disk.

    You can edit your phonebook directly on-screen and drag items back to any compatible phone. If you have more than one connection to the PC, you can drag contacts from one phone to another (up to 5 handsets can be connected concurrently)!

    SMS messages can be archived into your chosen categories on your hard disk, then deleted to free up memory on your phone. You can create as many sub-categories as you need.

    Most of Nokia's recent handsets are supported (excluding Symbian devices) - for the official list, see the specifications page. If you don't see your phone listed, just ask!

    Functionality depends on the exact capabilities of your handset's firmware.

    System Requirements

    Operating system: Windows 98, Me, 2000 or XP
    Software environment: Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
    Memory: 32MB
    Hardware: Standard IrDA compatible infrared port or FBUS cable or DLR-3 cable or DKU-5 cable, dependent on model. Contact us for details on bluetooth support.
    Devices: Compatible Nokia phone - see the compatibility list below

    Handset Compatibility

    The following handsets should support some or all of the features in Mobius/PX (detailed features may depend on the design and version of your handset).

    Nokia 1100
    Nokia 1220/1221/1260/1261
    Nokia 2270/2272/2280/2285
    Nokia 2300
    Nokia 3100/3108/3120/3200
    Nokia 3105/3205
    Nokia 3210/3250
    Nokia 3310/3315/3390/3395
    Nokia 3320/3360
    Nokia 3330/3350/3410/3610
    Nokia 3510/3510i/3530
    Nokia 3520/3560/3570/3585
    Nokia 3585i/3586/3589i
    Nokia 3590/3595
    Nokia 5100/5140
    Nokia 5110/5190/nk402/nk702
    Nokia 5210/5510
    Nokia 6100/6108
    Nokia 6110/6130/6150/6190
    Nokia 6200
    Nokia 6210
    Nokia 6220/6230
    Nokia 6225
    Nokia 6250
    Nokia 6310/6310i
    Nokia 6320
    Nokia 6340/6340i
    Nokia 6360
    Nokia 6370/6385
    Nokia 6510/6590
    Nokia 6560/6585
    Nokia 6610
    Nokia 6650/6651
    Nokia 6800/6810/6820
    Nokia 7110/7190
    Nokia 7160
    Nokia 7200/7600
    Nokia 7210/7250/7250i
    Nokia 8210/8250/8290
    Nokia 8310/8390
    Nokia 8910/8910i


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    Нужная прога но по этой ссылке не качаеться =(

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