First Download pmm

Pmmmmmmm works with partial flash files. You need to know how to use knok/rolis/whatever and your cable to do this - see the forum FAQ if you are not sure. MAKE A FULL BACKUP OF THE PHONE BEFORE STARTING.

Rolis 4.79 gives checksum errors when reading 3410 eeprom area - this is a bug in rolis and can be safely ignored. kNok is slow, but works fine.

Read 570000-600000 to a file and then open it in pmmmmmm.
(drag and drop the .fls file or select it from the history list if you've opened the file before)

Rename the JAD and JAR file to the same name, exactly as you want the program to appear in your phone and make sure they're in the same directory.
eg. "Great Game.jad", "Great Game.jar" will appear in the menu as "Great Game". You can choose if it should be in the "more games" or applications menu - again, drag and drop is the easiest way to select, you can drop the jad or the jar and it will work out everything for you.

Of course you can keep adding ************ if you want - but try not to mix WAP downloaded ************ and cable uploaded ************ (I won't go into why here, but try deleting everything if you have any problems and import to an "empty" flash)

You can import more than the maximum 180k of ************ to the phone, but applications will not be able to save data files if you do this. Some applications work ok (they just won't save high scores etc) but others will crash. Horribly. Just delete a few programs using the phone menu to get back to <180k and you'll be fine.

Just make sure you can flash before trying this program out and remember to always flash PMM/EEPROM back to 570000 and not 200000!!!

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