Hello ALL,

We are glad to see you on our updated site. We hope, that you enjoy new design.
Opened forum where you can find the answer to a question interesting you.
We also make for you lot of updates....

New updates:
- New versions of "Philips 62x/82x Service Tool" and "Philips 3xx/53x/63x/[email protected] ++ Service Tool".
Now you have opportunity to change sets of pictures, melodies and in-fusio games (customization pack),
and also to unite firmware, language package and customization pack in any combinations directly before flashing.
Also we are glad to give all possible language packs for models Philips 530 and Philips 535

- New version of "Alcatel BF/BG/BH Service Tool".
Now there is an opportunity to change language packages in models BH4 of versions KM183, KM185, KM283 and KM285.
As you can find many new and old firmware packs to all models since BF3

- New version "Maxon 7830/79xx/SG1000 Service Tool".
Besides that new firmware are added for models 7922 and 7970, now software support model 7830.

- For "Sendo Service Tool" we are glad to give new firmwares and EEPROM pack to all models.
Also we are glad to inform, that the program supports "Sendo S251" model.

Best regards,
DELOK Research lab.
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SONORK : 54567
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