Китайский айфон P1680 с кривым русским.Немогу исправить язык. Кроме русчинател русификаторов нет.А русчинател давно благополучно сдохла и с двумя симками не русит.Помогите чем можете.

При подключении инфинити пишет:
New firmware detected (v.3.15, database date: 05.07.2010):

This firmware is missing in support area. If this phone is good and working:

- download latest software from support area and try again, probably this firmware already supported in latest software
- make "Читать full flash" operation
- send flash backup files to support: [email protected] or upload files to http://rapidshare.com or http://4shared.com
- include in your e-mail full text from phone back label (phone name etc.)