Mkey v8.4.4 Build 1.OCT.2018 [Beta]

-Added Pantech GSM Unlock / SPC Unlock / Imei Repair on MHS291/UML295 models [Beta].
- Fixed ZTE MF667 flashing in 9008 port mode.
- Added Huawei flashing algo for E5785Lh and similar type.
- Added new ZTE Qcom Flashing/Unlocking/Imei repair/ and Repair dead w/o Jtag: MF920V, R218z, MF253V and similar models in M9x07 CPU
- Added Unlocking ZTE MF825SEC, MF90SEC and MF920SEC - Airtel [Beta].

Mkey v8.4.5 Build 31.OCT.2018 [Released]

Small and pretty update for CDMA, added:

- Lava MF802s SPC-Unlock, Min-Unlock, Flashing.
- Lava DF800i SPC-Unlock, Min-Unlock[UnderTest], Flashing.
- Haier E28 SPC-Unlock, Flashing.

Happy Helloween ;-)