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Тема: Griffin [info]

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    Администрация Аватар для GSM™
    Благодарностей: 1,554 : 358



    Griffin v2.01 released - not perfect but constantly developing.

    New in this version:

    Initial package for Serial management of you nokia ( phonebook backup/restore, self tests, production data edit…..) - more is to be added to this list soon.

    NoNetwork problem repair for 3650

    To all our clients - please excuse us for the delay of this version, but we are working on some hot stuff for griffin, and other projects. This new features will add some real value to your business - keep monitoring stuff from us.
    Some hot solutions are to be released around the end of Aug, and some real HW improvements will be shown in September. We mean REAL improvements not just smaller cases.
    Check http://www.griffinteam.net for download

    Или http://www.griffinbox.com/support/
    Login: griffin
    Pass: DK2PKD1

    Скоро перестанет работать
    Последний раз редактировалось GSM™; 15.08.2003 в 23:59.
    С Уважением, GSM™,
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