V5.02 26-05-03

Improvement for countdown timer note (in Finnish language)
‘Time of Call’ feature improved in Czech language package
Assigning a ringing tone to a number improved
Improvement for deactivation of Call Cost Limit
Text correction in Russian language, July calendar
User Agent Profile is now enabled
Fixed (4.24): When select in profile polyphonic (MIDI) ringtone, disable incoming call alert and enable vibra, don't hear ringtone

Changes made from version 4.24 to 5.00:
Network management
IMEI SV identification value sent to network incremented to 18
MSISDN number always correct after switching between different SIM cards

Improvements for GPRS AOL after cancelling browsing with end key
Keypad tone functionality with WUG improved

Changes made from version 3.37 to version 4.24:

Call and network management
- Call waiting: When the phone handles two calls (one active and one on hold) and third MT call is made. While the 3rd call is waiting the first and second calls are released (using Option: End all calls). Call alert is displayed and ringing tone is activated for the waiting call
- First item in In call Menu has been changed to Phonebook
- Call to operator's dial-in number is not possible using WAP over CSD when Fixed dialling is activated on.
- .png files supportedSaving of received picture messages improved, - Receiving MMS: Improved function after receiving a bogus MMS-retrieve.conficurationNot receiving MMS from the Nokia 7650: The Nokia 3510 does not support ISO-10646-UCS-2 encoded text.
- MMS sent from email including only empty lines as a text and a picture is accepted
- File saving: Improved return from query upon pressing back when replacing tone
- Shorter delay in animations
- SMS alignment in Hebrew improved
- SMS erase: The phone goes direct to "options" when this is requested
- Concatenated SMS improvement
- Improvements when exiting the browser with the end key - while number is being dialled
- Handling of memory improved when playing Pocket Football
- Improvementt when sending Business card (language pack R only)
- Improvement in searching of phonebook in SMS sending with traditional Chinese
Update according to new Chinese font requirements
Service nos.: #-key press for details jumps to Number state
Handling of calendar memory improved
Hindi input supported
SIM lock implementation updated
Audio improvements of Headset and Loopset volume in speech
Brazilian language package added
Support for new Flash components added

Changes made from version 3.36 to version 3.37:

Improvement in downloading monophonic ringing tones:
- The playback of downloaded monophonic ringing tones has been changed. Sometimes the phone played a little bit different tone after playback than the intended ringing tone (see also NHM-8 SB-015).
- Note: Above mentioned improvement does not have effect on any ringing tone, which is already downloaded, when flashing the phone with new software version. This improvement has effect on only ringing tone, which is downloaded after the software update.
- A delay in the playback, when using a downloaded monophonic ringing tone, has been shortened.

Changes made from version 3.34 to version 3.36:

Call management:
- Audio improvement for headset/loopset ringing tune volume. Volume turned up.
- Concatenated SMS saved to outbox does not delete another concatenated SMS, which is already in outbox
- Saving the same image (MMS) many times quickly after each other, has been improved
- SMS: Vibra and alert tone improvement
- MMS File Saving: Improvement when trying to save a 29K picture when filled up with 30K MIDI files
- Improvement when pressing # key after Open list is selected
In Screen Saver max value has been changed to 59.59 minutes
Pictures: Confirmation note is displayed when erasing picture from large folder
Animated gif is now displayed correctly
Scroll bar has been added to Calendar Day Notes
Stopwatch improvement when using lap or split timing
Signal Bar is displayed when retrieving MM
Monophonic ringing tones (MIDI converter + OTA change) OTA downloaded ringing tones will be converted into MIDI tones, which means a higher volume level

Changes made from version 3.11 to version 3.34:

Call and network management:
- Audio: side tone adjustment. Audio improvement to eliminate acoustic feedback (howling tones)
- Audio: General gain tuning +2dB for all ringing tones
- Audio: Ringing tune volume for headset/loop set adjusted
- Improvement for downlink audio using headset.
- Improvements to SI13 refresh on ext-BCCH
- Improvement to camping on PCCCH
- Improvement to cell reselection
- Total PLMN search timer value is optimized for every used band combination.
- Optimization to 900->1800 cell reselection time
- Direct hopping improvement
- Additional information in Cart race instructions, has been included.
- MMS - The Phone allows to save picture independent of the speed of the select soft key presses.
- Phone can erase picture attached to SMS
- Improvements in Chat feature
- Improvements in save function of received pictures
General User Interface (UI)
- Phone allows fast scrolling of the ringing tune list during a headset is connected at the same time
Other changes
- Lights will no longer be turned on when a key is pressed and key guard and screen saver is active

Changes made from version 3.02 to version 3.11:

Call and network management:
- Wake Up Tone (WUT) volume was too high, and has been reduced.
- Improvement for audio in SALT after interrupt of WUT.
- Space Impact updated
- New game release (download response improved)
- Improvement to MMS - Arabic
General User Interface (UI)
- User Interface for calculator has been updated
- Calendar alarm is now ascending tone
- Text release: Arabic MMS saving improved