Changes/improvements made from version 5.80 to version 6.04:
Improvement to page mode change handling on PCCCH cell
Handling of GPRS connection mode change during active voice call
Improvement to detach making in when needed mode if all PDP contexts deactivated during RAU
Improvements to SI13 refresh
Improvement to cell reselection using C2 parameters
In NMO I when MS received Attach or RAU Reject with causes 'MSC temporarily not reachable', 'Network failure' or 'Congestion' MM state was incorrectly set as 'NOT_UPDATED'
Handling of reject causes #3 "Illegal MS" and #6 "Illegal ME" changed according to CR420
PCS1900 GPRS uplink power level calculation used gamma_0 value of 33. That was an assumption from rel98 specs and is now corrected to be 36 as stated in rel99 spec 05.08.
Modifications for PH to work correctly if some other SI than SI13 is received in TC=4.
In NMO I when combined Attach/RAU was ongoing and NW did not answer, MO call could be not available for a while.
Packet Uplink Assignment validity check corrected in case of Single Block Allocation and Packet Uplink Assignment with TA index present
Improvement to MO-call during LCS measurements
Improvements to handling of long SMSs
Improvement to cases where network sends Immediate Assignment Reject to CS call when TBF has been suspended
Improvement to minimum QoS handling
Further improvements to weak field functionality
Improvement to functionality in case where Detach and Attach where send in same TBF
Changed SMS memory available reporting to network. Now ME memory is always included
Improved empty SMS handling and to SMS validity check
Improvement to dedicated mode establishment
Incorrect parameter validation in calculation of full PSI schedule cycle resulted in valid parameter values being rejected and to a failed cell reselection. This happened in case PSI_COUNT_HR = 0.
If serving cell became unsuitable because of RLA_P < HCS_THR but C32 value was still higher than for all neighbour cells, cell was not changed
Target cell SI was sometimes read from EXT-BCCH while it should have been read from BCCH and vice versa. This sometimes caused unnecessary delay.
Improvement to case where SIM Toolkit application's SIM refresh changes last registered network and MM restart is requested. After SIM refresh was completed, the phone selected same network where it was registered prior to SIM refresh.
Improvement to Power Off Detach sending during active data transfer
Improvement to flexible operator name indication
Improvement to cell change during data transfer
Improvement to GPRS attach/detach collision handling
Changed page mode handling in case of downlink immediate assignment where IA Rest Octects are not present
Improvement to GPRS detach procedure. Combined detach type is now always used when needed.
Improvement to PLMN search time and network refresh procedure
Improvement to Extended Paging handling in non-DRX mode
Improvement to manual network selection
Improvements to Location Services
Improvement to handling Routing Area Update Reject cause #14
Improvements to Fixed Dialling Number feature
MS does not anymore wait for DETACH ACCEPT if MT DETACH has a fatal cause
Improvements to polling queue handling on MAC
Improvements to MO/MT calls handling in idle mode with always online enabled after failed LA/RA.
Chinese font updated
Calendar alarms work correctly after synchronization with PC Suite
2 ringing tones changed in APAC language packages
Signal bar shows the signal strength more accurate

Changes/improvements made from version 5.57 to version 5.80:

- Send USSD returns complete response
- "*" character is handled correctly in USSD input
- SMS:
- Erased concatenated SMS's are not shown when new one comes
- FDN support for GPRS connection
- Call and network management:
- Call using ALS line 2 handled correctly
- DTMF imporvement; beep sound stops when accessing voice message box
- Call divert status is shown correctly
- In Chinese UI mode the setting "Hide clock" works correctly with Calendar alarms
- USC-2 support for ringing tone title
- SIM Wake Up message is displayed longer time
- Operator list updated

Changes/improvements made from version 5.54 to version 5.57:

- China input improvement: in SMS editor "?" is shown instead of an empty "box"
- SIM lock improvement
- Operator list updated

Changes/improvements made from version 5.11 to version 5.54:

- Timer T3186 is reset, when camping to the new cell starts
- Improvements to SI13 refresh on ext-BCCH
- Improvement to camping on PCCCH; now possible to camp on cell after PSI1 and PSI2 are received. Earlier PSI1, PSI2 and PSI3 were all needed
- RAC_valid invalidated after every detach (local or procedure)
- Improvement to MS functionality: in NW, which continuously rejects the TBF establishment by sending immediate assignment reject
- Improvement to cell reselection in case where C2 parameters are used for cell prioritisation
- When MS lost coverage and returns service in a new RA and network mode of operation is I, then RAU is performed with update type combined RA/LA updating. If RA is not changed then update type is combined RA/LA updating with IMSI
- Total PLMN search timer value is optimised for every used band combination.
- Pending or suspended PLMN search is started, if own SI search is ongoing during TBF release.
- Improvement to SI search in case where SI13 is received with changed BCCH_CHANGE_MARK.
- Improvement to cell reselection in case where reselection reason is abnormal cell reselection.
- Attempt counter for unresponded attach request, detach request and routing area update request was increased after every request. Now attempt counter is increased after 5 requests.
- Improvements to RAU procedure in case where NM0 changes from NM02 to NM01.
- Improvement in own SI search clearing when target cell reading is started in TBF mode.
- Improvement in reception of too many erroneous PSI blocks.
- Optimisation to 900->1800 cell reselection time.
- Direct hopping improvement: The length of the reassembled block is correctly updated to the actual output block length field, which is used in decoding of the message.
- Improvement in PFI value handling in Packet Resource Request
- Pending channel configuration optimised neighbour SYNC or PSW measurement during TBF causing long cell reselection time.
- Improvements in Early Classmark sending in PCCCH
- Improvements in handling the rejection cause #15 "No suitable cells in LA"
- Improvements in timing offset threshold for early SCH measurement in a PDTCH configuration. Now neighbour synchronisation is not missed in certain situations.
- If network transmits a message with incorrect values in non-GPRS cell options IE, then non-GPRS cell options IE is marked as not being present in the message. Implementation changed to cope with incorrect message.
- Not able to handle Immediate Assignment if it came in two parts (two-message assignment). Now two message assignments handled correctly
- Improvements in handling of the MPH_NEXT_CELL_REQ message in PCCCH cell.
- Cell reselection not allowed to perform a barred cell during ongoing DL TBF.
- Handling of the combined RAU accepts during MM state "Receive RR Activation Response" improved.
- Neighbour measurements are resumed after non-DRX->DRX (PCCCH)
- When SMS character coded NITZ or flexible PLMN name had 7 spare bits in the last octet, then the name length was calculated 1 character too long. Therefore in display an extra '@' character was shown when name length was 7, 15, 23, 31 or any other (8 * n - 1) length
- TA update procedure changed. Latest sent TAI info is reused now as long as it is valid even if we get new values for the other direction. This change avoids gaps in the earlier procedure in receiving continuous TA blocks when taking the new TAI values in use.
- When PCCCH is accessed RSSI values are changed so that reselection is triggered. After successful reselection to another cell auto PSI1 -procedure is completed correctly.
- With several band combinations maximum PLMN search time is correctly set when e.g. next cell request received during suspended PLMN search.
- The cell, where SI/PSI13 is received, is supposed to support GPRS. Earlier GPRS support was marked as true only if PBCCH description is present in the SI13.
- Improvements for SMS stability
- Compact business cards are received as normal SMS
- Alarm Clock Indicator at start up improvement. Indicator was sometimes displayed briefly at start up even Alarm Clock was not activated.

Changes/improvements made from version 5.06 to version 5.11:

- Support for new type of flash device added (improvement for production)
- Updated list of operators

Changes/improvements made from version 4.53 to version 5.06:

Call and network management
- Improvements in Call Cost Settings, current value visible
- Improvement in Call Divert
- Stability improvements in Private in Conference Call
- Improvement in call menu
- Improvements in USSD
- Improvements in manual PLMN search

- GPRS Attach and PDP Context Functionality at the service lost. PDP context not re-activated in service lost.
- Improvements in GPRS roaming and roaming notes
- Improvements in cell reselection speed
- Improvements in attach reject handling from network
- Improvements in dial-up & voice call simultaneously handling
- Improvements in data transfer with fixed alloc.
- Improvements in base band hopping

- Locked user settings are viewable
- Browser conform to WAP1.3 spec for go element attribute cache-control (no-cache)
- Scrolling up and down in select lists improved
- Improvement in showing animated GIFs
- Improvements in WAP browsing. WAP Header line sometimes overlapping with globe graphic.
- HTTP accept header for "Service Indication" added to indicate the support (MIME type: application/vnd.wap.sic).

- Improvement to situation where data call is on and then someone (e.g. WAP UI) is starting to release the call
- GPRS commands:
- ATZ does not reset to default configuration
- Improvement in ATZ (call control) implementation
- Improvement in WAP over CSD disconnection
- +CGREG support added

- Quick Saving to SIM corrected
- Stability improvement in speed dial
- Index numbers corrected in menu in Arabic
- Stability improvements with CLI logos

- Improvements in Message menu
- Stability improved with Use number and Details view with some languages
- Message sorting changed in inbox
- Stability improvements in receiving corrupted messages
- Stability improvements when using T9
- Improvements in SMS receiving
- Receiving no-titled ringing tone improved
- Web address is also sent when sending business card

Other changes
- Improvement in the function of End key in some cases.
- Improvement in showing received ringing tones
- Minor improvement in timed profile
- Improvement in Operator logo display
- Improvement on key handling in Voice Command menu
- Correction on IR activation with voice command
- Improvement on key handling while recording
- Stability improvement on Voice Commands
- Correction in voice tag recognition after changing SIM
- Correction in Restore Factory Settings
- Many decimal points not anymore possible in calculator
- Calculator with Arabic and Hebrew improved
- Improvements in SIM ATK GET INPUT, extra dots removed
- Improvements on renamed profile names
- SIM ATK Correction when asking SMS Centre number, if SMSC number not set
- Correction on countdown timer
- Improvement on alarm setting
- NITZ Time Zone improvement

Changes/improvements made from version 4.04 to version 4.53:

Call and network management:
- Private in Conference call improvement
- Speed dial number recognition improvement
- AoC improvements
- Field strength signal bar configuration changed
- "SIM card registration failed" text added in the case when IMSI not found in HLR

- Improvements in inter-SGSN RAU/unexpected N-PDU functionality
- Continuous timing advance improvement
- Improvements in handling of Extended BCCH
- Improvements in combined attach in network mode I
- Always online functionality changed: When Always online is selected from WAP settings and the phone is powered up only GPRS attach is performed PDF context is made when the user makes WAP over GPRS connection and context is deactivated when user exists the WAP browser
- Recommended PBCCH/PCCCH feature set activated, Nokia has tested the Recommended PCCCH Feature Set functionality against basic configurations available in IOT laboratories

- Improvement to OTA bookmarks
- Bookmark sending fails when SMS center number is not given in advance
- Problems when entering maximum length bookmarks
- Improvement to bitmap downloading
- WAP over GPRS with manual login improvement
- WAP Push
- Unicode support added to WAP Push Messages
- Push message reception by default ON
- GPRS related corrections
- Corrections to end-key functionality when having voice call during WAP browsing
- Support for WTAI-call from bookmarks

- Improvements to AT-command interpreter: ATZ, AT&F, +CGDCONT, +CGQMIN and +CGQREQ, ATE, AT+CREG, AT*99#, AT&V
- Change in handling of GPRS dial-up when CSD dial-up is active
- Correction to WAP connection over CSD
- Improvement in resetting of CID values
- Improvement in V.120 data call

- Improvements when copying entries
- Improvements in Pop-up search (mainly in APAC languages)
- Improvements when browsing phonebook memory
- Hungarian and Slovak alpha order improvements

- Menu shortcuts added to games
- Score Sending removed from Snowboard
- Minor game functionality improvements

- Message waiting indicators improvements (CPHS)
- Voice mailbox number saving to SIM (CPHS)
- Corrections in languages with Unicode characters
- Stability and look improvements in SMS editor
- Cell broadcast improvement with GPRS Always online

Other changes:
- Opening and closing parenthesis correction in Hebrew
- Improvements in SIM ATK
- Improvements in handling line 2 (ALS)
- Voice volume control corrections
- Caller Group Ringing Tone correction
- Improvements to operator name display
- NITZ improvements

Changes/improvements made from version 3.07 to version 4.04:

Call and network management:
- Operator name not shown if service provider name has the priority
- UCS2 support for service provider name added
- CPHS feature: operator name reading from SIM support added
- Exception handling for Operator name showing improved
- Minor improvements to multi call handling

- Handling of GPRS indicators improved
- Block Check Sum error while using CS2. Values of the spare bit field are changed to mach all network implementations
- Cell re-selection in case of lost of service
- Occasional service drop while Extended BCCH blocks used
- MT call failures, while Extended Paging used
- Old TLLI deleted too early, causing breaks in data transmission

- Improvements to search functionality
- Improvements to caller group logo sending and receiving
- Improvements to Service Dialling Numbers
- Minor improvements to phone number showing

- Stability improvements to message erasing and picture message handling
- Voice mailbox improvements

Call Register:
- Lists cleaned if new SIM card used
- AoC Currency showing and default limits showing improved

Profiles and settings:
- Ringing tone order changed
- Improvements to OTA ringing tone handling
- Louder alarm tone
- Fixed dialling number stability improvements
- Help text for fixed dialling numbers added
- Hands free indicator didn't disappear in some cases
- Minor improvements to Automatic language selection

Games and calculator:
- Snowboard game added
- Game tones follow only the games tone setting
- Exception handling in high score sending improved
- Improvements to lights handling and some text modifications
- Minor calculator look&feel improvements

To-do list and calendar:
- Minor look&feel To-do-list improvements
- Some text and look&feel improvements e.g. current date highlighting

Radio and extras:
- Exception handling of radio improved
- Font modifications in Countdown timer
- Indexing in Voice recordings list improved
- Stability improvements to voice recorder alarm support
- Voice recognition can be activated only when in idle mode
- Exception handling in voice commands and voice recorder improved

Services and SIM toolkit:
- Header lines added to services
- Improvements to Send USSD functionality
- SIM ATK CB download support added

WAP push:
- 16-bit characters in title corrected and some denial of service vulnerabilities corrected
- Manual login mode
- Now possible also with GPRS
- Screen backlight turned on when username/password prompt displayed

WAP bookmarks and cookies:
- Some denial of service vulnerabilities corrected
- Problems with maximum length of bookmark URL's corrected
- In certain WAP pages Cookies were causing problems

Over the air (OTA) set-up:
- Mal formatted set-up messages were causing problems while viewing the set-up content

WTAI public library:
- GPRS PDP Context unnecessarily closed after mobile originated voice call
- Voice call establishment from WAP bookmarks corrected

Error messages:
- "Unknown abort" messages correctly mapped to descriptive error notes
- Two separate error messages displayed next to each other

Viewing business card through WAP:
- Icons corrected for WORK and CELL numbers

WML Scripting:
- Problems with pressing End key while script were running corrected
- WML variables now updated correctly while WML script is running

Other changes:
- Support for new languages / market areas added
- 5 Volt SIM cards blocked by 8310, ref. GSM 11.12 section 4.5. 'SIM card not supported' text displayed
- CPHS support improved
- Plug-in HF Car Kit PPH-1 recognition improved
- Showing of battery low warning note improved
- Several text, font and other minor look&feel improvements
- Several minor stability improvements

Changes made from version 3.05 to version 3.07:

- Improvements in voice recorder stability
- Improvements in SIM card reading stability
- Improvements in SIM Application toolkit dynamic menu
- Improvements in SEND USSD
- Changes to meet some test cases