6310i 5.50 up to 5.51

V5.50 03-03-03

Known limitations:

For support of 3rd party BT devices (BT-USB adapters, other BT com ports, …) it is needed to install new PC Suite version 4.88 available under www.nokia.com
Americas Region must not install this DataPacket Reason is that in AMERICAS Region PTCRB approval is required. Filing is done, approval is expected by end of March, operator approval is then expected by mid of April 2003. The PTCRB requirements have been approved with MCU-SW 5.20

Improved indications and handling of multiple calls
ALS (Alternate Line Service) indications improved
Support for WinXP
BT startup behavior improved
BT handing of non expected data from PC-Suite
Stability of BT authentication procedure improved
Switch from slave to master improved
Noise reduction in BT audio enhanced
BT stability improved in general
Query ‘Continue call’ has been removed when transferring audio in Hands free-Profile.
Entering of BT sniff mode improved
Sniff mode stability improved
Park mode handling improved
BT inquiry duration improved
BT serial profile improved for supporting PC Suite 4.88 (delivered in the sales package, delivery will start mid of April) with some BT devices from other suppliers: Mitsumi Bluetooth 1.1 Dongle (WidComm stack), Racewood Bluetooth Dongle (Extended Systems stack), TDK Bluetooth USB 1.1 (WidComm stack), SCM Bluetooth ZIO USB (WidComm stack), Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd. (WidComm stack), 3COM Bluetooth USB Adapter 3CREB96-EU (3Com stack), Acer Bluetooth USB Adapter (WidComm stack), Socket Bluetooth card (Digianswer stack), 3COM Bluetooth PC Card 3CRWB6096 v2 (3Com stack), Xircom (Intel) RealPort2 Bluetooth Adapter (PC Card) (Xircom stack), TDK 'go blue' PC Card BRBLU04-001A1-14 (WidComm stack), Fujitsu internal Bluetooth (Fujitsu stack), Compaq internal Bluetooth (WidComm stack), Toshiba internal Bluetooth (Toshiba stack)
Note: Only SW 5.50 and later will support these devices. Before using them check the software version of the Nokia 6310i. It needs to be 5.50 or higher. Key in with your phone *#0000# and you should see the SW version of your phone.
Note: Precondition is that the PC-Suite 4.88 or later has been installed. The SW will be introduced into production (as CD-ROM) later. For users like to use such 3rd party BT device and have not this PC-Suite version on CD-ROM it is a must to download this SW when it is available over the Internet www.nokia.com (Target date is April 2003)
Note: The BT device must be installed properly. The list above does not have the intention to show all working devices, but Nokia tested these systems with 6310i and found that they worked properly when they were tested. There may other devices working as well. Manufacturers may change the functionality, driver, version or anything else, therefore the table just show the status on a certain date. Nokia cannot guarantee that these devices work on every computer or together with every 6310i phone this depends on the device, version, driver, installation, computer, settings, etc.. Nokia will not take any responsibility of any non-working or not properly working device.
Note: Nokia DTL-4 card is still working with the old PC Suite and older MCU-SW versions.
Writing a meeting note improved in Hebrew language
-> Operator: Partner
Reminder improved
Correction in Swedish calendar (writing mistake of Sunday)
-> Region
Call and network management/GPRS
Improvement to page mode change handling on PCCCH cell.
Handling of GPRS connection mode change during active voice call.
Improvement to detach making in when needed mode if all PDP contexts deactivated during RAU.
Improvements of SI13 refresh.
Improvement of cell reselection using C2 parameters.
In NMO I when MS received Attach or RAU Reject with causes ‘MSC temporarily not reachable’, ‘Network failure’ or ‘Congestion’ MM state was incorrectly set as ‘NOT_UPDATED’.
Handling of reject causes #3 "Illegal MS" and #6 "Illegal ME" changed according to CR420.
PCS1900 GPRS uplink power level calculation used gamma_0 value of 33. That was an assumption from rel98 specs and is now corrected to be 36 as stated in rel99 spec 05.08.
Modifications for PH to work correctly if some other SI than SI13 is received in TC=4.
In NMO I when combined Attach/RAU was ongoing and NW did not answer, MO call could be not available for a while.
Packet Uplink Assignment validity check corrected in case of Single Block Allocation and Packet Uplink Assignment with TA index present.
Improvement of MO-call during LCS measurements.
Improvements of handling of long SMSs.
Improvement to cases where network sends Immediate Assignment Reject to CS call when TBF has been suspended.
Improvement of minimum QoS handling.
Further improvements of weak field functionality.
Improvement of functionality in case where detach and attach where send in same TBF.
Changed SMS memory available reporting to network. Now ME memory is always included.
Improved empty SMS handling.
Improvement of SMS validity check.
Improvement of dedicated mode establishment.
Incorrect parameter validation in calculation of full PSI schedule cycle resulted in valid parameter values being rejected and to a failed cell reselection. This happened in case PSI_COUNT_HR = 0.
If serving cell became unsuitable because of RLA_P < HCS_THR but C32 value was still higher than for all neighbour cells, cell was not changed.
Target cell SI was sometimes read from EXT-BCCH while it should have been read from BCCH and vice versa. This sometimes caused unnecessary delay.
Improvement to case where SIM Toolkit application’s SIM refresh changes last registered network and MM restart is requested.
After SIM refresh was completed, the phone selected same network where it was registered prior to SIM refresh.
Improvement of Power Off Detach sending during active data transfer.
Improvement of flexible operator name indication.
Improvement of cell change during data transfer.
Improvement of GPRS attach/detach collision handling.
Changed page mode handling in case of downlink immediate assignment where IA Rest Octects are not present.
Improvement of GPRS detach procedure. Combined detach type is now always used when needed.
Improvement of PLMN search time and network refresh procedure.
Improvement of Extended Paging handling in non-DRX mode.
Improvement of manual network selection.
Improvements of Location Services.
Improvement of handling Routing Area Update Reject cause #14.
Improvements of Fixed Dialling Number feature.
MS does not anymore wait for DETACH ACCEPT if MT DETACH has a fatal cause.
Improvements of polling queue handling on MAC.
Improvements of MO/MT calls handling in idle mode with always online enabled after failed LA/RA
More stable behaviour due to Improved mobility handling
GPRS receiver performance improved due: error correction for CS4 implementation, internal DSP timing improved
AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) algorithm optimised
RX-performance improved by DC-offset compensation improvement
Improved interference measurement
Improvement in mobility scenarios sees chap. Call and network management/GPRS improvement is especially seen when using a phone in the CarKit
-> Operator and Car Industry
Improved speech quality when using HSU-1 in CarKit-91 (audio parameter optimised)
-> Region, especially Scandinavia
Receiving of multiple and concatenated SMSs improved (earlier phone for example showed in phone menu some old deleted sms or displayed sms as Report)

Miscellaneous Messaging
Receiving of multiple voice notifications (Voice mail, fax, e-mail) improved
MIDLet execution improved
New variant transceiver
Updated variant transceiver settings
Operator Name Table
URL loader improved
Improvement of HTTP authentication
Improvement of Vcard handling
Improvement of WAP caching
Improvement of initialization of WAP session over GPRS (problem seen by Vodacom South Africa)
-> Operator
Improved IRDA performance
Default date set to 01.01.2003
Improvement in countdown timer (finish language)
-> Region
PC Suite
Support for some BT devices (details see Bluetooth chapter)
Support for BT MIDLet Transfer
General improvements in User data handling
BUG (thanks to Aiwnas):

Extras->Stopwatch->Split timing->Start
Now “Split” until you have 20 split-times (maximum) then..
Stop->Options->Save Name: (e.g. 1.. then 2.. 3.. etc..)
Redo the same thing until you get a “Memory Full. Erase one of existing?” message from the firmware.
Answer positive (OK) and then instead of selecting what entry to replace, press BACK
the Phone (should) Resets it’s self …
V5.51 08-07-03
Writing updated in Croatian language: DODAJIMENU
Operator specific service with stored international numbers (e.g. +44?) enabled
Support for new HW component requires SW update (needed for production purposes)
New variant transceivers
Updated variant transceiver settings
Type labels updated

6310i 5.10 and up to 5.22

Accessory profile (Bluetooth headset) improved
BT authorization for audio accessories improved
BT reconnect after audio transfer implemented
Bluetooth pairing improved
Handling of calendar notes improved
Sending of calendar note via IrDA improved
Call and network management/GPRS
GPRS Dial-Up stability improved
Number grouping displaying (MTC) improved
Cell reselection while in packet transfer mode improved
Network registration improved
SIM Lock generation via Phoenix improved
Own number list handling improved
SMS alignment behavior (determination of Hebrew/Latin formats) improved
SMS/email archiving/deletion improved
SMS icon notification handling improved
T9 dictionary set default to off
Receiving of operator logos improved
Behavior of waiting notification (voice mailbox, email, fax) improved
Restructuring of the waiting notifications menu (voice mailbox, fax, email)
Bookmark sending improved
************ Midlet execution during incoming call improved
PC Suite Application Installer improved
************ http post API improved
WAP certification handling improved
WAP connection in Viag gateway improved
Wallet Application Code generation improved
Text corrections
Menu navigation improved
Accessory interoperability improved
Time Handling (Alarm Clock and Calendar) improved
Memory Optimization
Several improvements in E-OTD (only usable in some variants)
Update of Menu Numbering/Titles
Customer Profile management improved
PC Suite Content Copier improved
PC Suite Application Installer improved
Improvement of Factory Settings Restoring
Improvement in E-OTD measurement
Operator name list updated
Fixed bugs:
SMS: can save 2 or more linked sms to one folder. Earlier: when save two linked sms sequences into one SMS folder with incorrect header (for example, from PC) or save two linked sms sequences with the same ID into one SMS folder (for example, from phone editor), THEY'RE NOT VISIBLE FROM PHONE MENU
Wallet access is not possible (many times) after rebotting phone
In Menu 13-4 and submenu Certificaties (I can't give shortcut - NOT available) after setting you see "Selected memory selected..."
Games: in Racket game light doesn't turn off after few seconds, when doesn't press key (it should be used Light setting from game settings here - it's ignored)
selection menu for chars in SMS (* key) doesn't contain double chars
Existing bugs:
cell messages (Menu 1-10) have different tone than SMS. You can't set it and even when phone has in phone off tones, you hear "BEEEPPP" after receiving message. Simply has to remember to disable function at all, if want to have silent...
T9: When have Polish T9 enabled in SMS, disable it using # key and go into menu for selecting T9, English is displayed. After enabling T9 by # again Polish is displayed there. Not checked for 4.80
When set clock format to 12 hours and display clock on the display, "am/pm" info can disappear on the screen. Example: make it and enable infrared, Bluetooth, set alarm clock, countdown timer and block keypad.
************: Converter in English version - when try to use Volume, there is Area used (probably should be Area for type conversion menu used)
Even if you switch off speed-dial, you can still call the stored numbers not by long pressing their key number but by typing their number and the pressing the YES button (Green Handset) [ I think it's a bug because if you enter an empty speed-dial number and press YES the phone returns "Speed dial not assigned. Assign it now?" message, implying that this is a speed-dial feature (even if speed-dial is switched-OFF by the user)].
with the bluetooth carkit (CARK-112) there are a number of issues: When using the ALS line 2 service the radio mute function fails to work. As the sound is routed through the radio in my installation this is a major problem! When a call is received on Line 2 the radio mutes but the call is cut-off after 90 seconds. When a call is originated from the handset the radio only mutes when the call connects so you don't hear the ringing.
After deleting default sms template cursor is moved in folder list.
The calendar allow you to set an 'End date' of 31-12-2099 for Memos, etc.. even if there is no way to access dates after 31-12-2090 (Ideal to the 6510 v3.30 bug).
Week info in month display is not displayed (when set starting calendar week to Saturday) or is displayed incorrectly (example: please go into 30.09, enter this day (day notes view), return to month view, press Down key. Cursor will go into 1.10. Week info will change from 40 to 43)
Please make such things:
Go to "Calendar"
Find an empty day
Options->Make a note->Memo->Select
Subject: "anything you like" (for example: TEST)
Options->Save->End date: (default)->Ok->No alarm->Select
Select your note (it's should be already selected)
Now study your View-Day notes screen (the screen that follows after ->Never), there should be a useless (there is only one item in the list) right scroll bar (with a very small knot indicator) and no time information on the upper right part of the screen
On the main screen (standby) type for example 999#, you will get an "Invalid selection" error but without any audio beep.
Menu 6-2 when doesn't connect correctly leave menu at all
Welcome note and Countdown timer - no T9
if you turn Bluetooth 'on' (listening for connections) and leave the phone 'on' continuously for more than about 1 day, the phone stops accepting Bluetooth connections from other devices. You have to turn the phone 'off' then 'on' again for Bluetooth to start working. Probably happens when the Bluetooth system clock rolls over (after about 23 hours 20 minutes)
ToDo menu - no possibility of scrolling "around" (from first position to last by pressing Up key and vice versa).
Lock the handset keyboard (Menu + *) (this will switch "On" for approx. 25'' the phone lights)
Now quickly unlock the handset keyboard (Menu + * again) (--that is before the phone lights switch "Off")
Now wait for the phone to switch its lights Off automatically.
Now click fast the On/Off (power) button on the top of the phone.. the expected menu (profiles & "switch-off") shall appear but without the phone turning its light On as it should!
Main screen currency converter accepts * or , as valid (zero) numerics when it should indicate an "Invalid input value" error (like it does for the # character)!! For example:
On the main screen (standby) type either * or ,
Options -> In domestic
Currency conversion of * or , results zero (0)!
Other notified changes:
menu for selecting chars in SMS (available under * key) doesn't contains national chars, when select national (example: Polish) language
all T9 settings (in sms, calendar, etc.) are shared
no Unicode in SMS
Also some other things, which can be assigned to bugs:
char "#" has different behaviour in phonebook/speed dials (displays default number for entry), wap bookmarks (displays bookmark name menu) and calendar (goes to current day)
V5.22 15-11-02
Countdown Timer application has been improved (for Finnish language only)
MIDLet changes: Jerusalem has been removed from the capital list
SIM ATK: The SIM REFRESH functionality has been improved
The Voice Recording and Play Back has been improved (also for the Voice Dialing feature)
Product specific ini -file and label printing file updated
New HW version is supported
Note: American region phones with product codes 0506766, 0506745 and 0508003 are not allowed to flash with MCU SW version 5.22. Those must be updated with MCU SW version 5.20.
BUGS still existing:

If you have the phone on keyboardlock and put it into the carkit the keylock is disabled. After removing it from the carkit it should come back on keyboard lock but then most of the times it doesn't. The keyboard lock is disabled but cannot be enabled anymore till you turn off the phone and turn it on again.
Cell Info is very often aligned to left, not centered (it happen after receiving SMS)
Menu 4-8-4 contains wrong translation in Polish PPM (should be "zamkniкta"), after selecting Menu 11-1-2 (disabling Bluetooth) you can see "Wі№czono Bluetooth" (Bluetooth enabled"). Additionaly in some places you can see such words: "part1- part2". It means, word is not divided into two parts2 (the place on screen is enough), but displayed in one screen line "asif" divided - example in Menu 4-4-2

Changes made from version 4.31 to version 5.01:

- Bluetooth
- Improved detection of other Bluetooth devices
- Calendar
- Response behaviour in Lithuanian calendar improved
- Setting files
- Setting files: 0507017.ini and 0507008.ini updated
- Picture Messages
- Improved functionality when receiving defective picture message
- Voice Tags
- The function of the phone has been improved in case that voice tags in Italian language shall be deleted

Changes made from version 4.20 to version 4.31:

- Bluetooth:
- After the pairing had been disconnected earlier text "Device not available" was shown. This text has been changed to "Disconnected"
- When pairing the iPaq and the phone, there was a 5 seconds time-out, which made it difficult to enter the passkey on the phone within this timeframe. This time-out has been removed.
- Improved stability when disconnecting from Bluetooth accessory
- Cable Connectivity:
- Improvement to the detection of the DLR-3 data cable connection
- Car Kit 91:
- Antenna Motor Control (AMC) is turned on when the phone is placed in the car kit holder
- If the phone is powered up in the car kit, the radio mute does not stay on after the first call was ended
- If receiving a call during an active call, the microphone in the car is not muted anymore (previously the active call was muted for 2-3 seconds if Call Waiting Service was active). Now there is a 'beep' signalling that another call is received.
- The microphone is muted until call is started; therefore the audio behaviour has been improved while dialling
- Background noise in call has been improved
- Improved stability when charging (also in car kit)
- Improved voice tag recording - recording of the voice tags are now started earlier after pressing 'Start'
- Improved detection of headset

Changes made from version 4.15 to version 4.20:

- Improvements to GPRS (including e.g. PCCCH)
- Improvements to connections with DLR-3; sometimes sending with DLR-3 did not work properly
- Improvements when using Car Kit 91;
- voice tuning has been improved
- Radio mute improved
- Improvements to Memory management; overall reliability in internal memory improved
- Recognition of GPRS over Bluetooth (for PDA and Laptops) improved
- Support for Bookmarks and Service Inbox items, pushed to phone, added
- Improvements to IMSI detach; in some cases IMSI detach message was not send from the phone. Now IMSI detach message is always send from phone to network just before phone is switched off.
- Operator list updated

Changes made from version 4.10 to version 4.15:

- RS232 Serial Cable connection improved (connection did not work properly during startup)
- Wakeup graphics implemented (support for operator variants added)
- When voice dialled in a car, the radio did not mute
- Memory improvements
- Long pressing power button first turned phone off and then on. Now no matter how long time the power button is pressed to turn off the phone, the phone stays off.
- Support for Language package T (Australia and New Zealand) added
- Support for Arabic UI added
- Improvements to SMS