Changes made from version 05.25 to version 5.40:

- Chat application supports now menu shortcut.
- Improvement to viewing of SMS with 256 characters.
- Improvement to SMS personal alert menu behaviour.
- Query “Go to date” has now last calendar alarm time as default value.
- Enhancement in repeated notes alarm time handling.

Changes made from version 5.22 to version 5.25:
Supported SMS message memory locations on SIM card increased from 30 to 50
Calendar note with alarm improved
Improved interoperability with a new type of SIM cards with long name field (30 characters)
Operator list updated
Changes made from version 5.20 to version 5.22:
The regulation of Chinese font set was enforced recently by the authority of China. The size of font is unchanged but drawing of Chinese characters has been updated to follow the new standard. Update means that only some characters have been changed from end user point of view
Improvements in Greek language package (phone book sorting and calendar text)
Operator list updated:
Changes made from version 5.18 to version 5.20:
Editing received concatenated SMS improved
Improvements in Picture Message saving
Entering FDN numbers without PIN2 impossible
Improved Missed Calls handling with Czech language
Arabic T9 icon correction
Composer improvements in Russian and Ukrainian languages
Countdown timer improved
Operator list updated
Changes made from version 5.16 to version 5.18:
Audio loop test: microphone bias is turned on during the test
Audio levels tuned
Game high score icon repositioned while sending it
Handset answering button works while incoming Call Alert has been set "OFF"
In WAP: Text wrap ON by default
Memory size for calendar notes increased
Call Hold menu & Multiparty improvements
Improvement to FDN (Fixed Dial Number) mode
Call waiting & barring on line 2 improved
Countdown timer improvements ('change time')
Changes made from version 5.13 to version 5.16:
SAT Event Download added
Picture message receiving improved
OTA-settings & Profile logo receiving improved
Russian and Ukrainian SMS input improved
Countdown timer improved
Arabic and Hebrew SMS input added
Sending repeated calendar note via IR added
Receiving training type calendar entry via SMS improved
Line2 call waiting (de)activating from menu added
Iceland calendar and date functions improved
Sending CLI Logos ('Sending failed') improved
Spanish Clear-key corrected
SIM ATK improvements
Ukrainian calendar menu (View by week) corrected
Operators list updated