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Тема: Отличия в прошивках для Nokia7650

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    Администрация Аватар для GSM™
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    Отличия в прошивках для Nokia7650

    Changes/improvements made from version 4.39 to version 4.46:
    Call and network management
    Calling line identification presentation/restriction (CLIP/CLIR) handling changed. Presentation indicator is ignored if number information is provided by the network
    Empty Calling line identification (CLI) information handling changed, phone now accepts empty CLI from network
    Searching roaming network performance improved
    Full support for Home Zone
    IMEI-SV identification value sent to network has been changed to 09
    ALS: Displaying order of operator- and service provider name has been changed. Service provider (or alternative line) name is shown for 2 seconds before switching to show operator name.
    SIM data update requiring SIM ATK refresh changed.
    SIM ATK report "BCCH channel list" values returned by phone changed.
    Handling of special SMS (8 bit, class 2) changed. These messages are normally used in updating different SIM information, for example prepaid SIM update messages.
    Authenticated connection handling changed, email client does not attempt to authenticate if server doesn't support EHLO.
    Interoperability with Nortel GPRS infra improved in suspend-resume functionality.
    Interoperability with Comverse WAP gateway improved. Retransmission timer, number of retransmissions and wait timer changed.

    New Nokia 7650 PC Suite version 10.03 with WinXP support is available.
    Support for new display and Bluetooth module.

    Changes made from MCU version 03.16 to version 04.39:

    - MMS
    - Receiving and sending multiple MMS messages simultaneously - outgoing MMS handling in outbox improved.
    - When MMS message is sent to email, attachments are shown in remote email client (dependant on email server)
    - MMS client sends name suggestions for files in MMS, files appear now with .txt, .jpg, .smil, .amr instead of .dat (final appearance depends on used MMSC).
    - Simultaneous usage with WAP improved, if MMS connection has been opened first.
    - SMS
    - Phone can now handle SIM cards with abt. 100 SMS memory places.
    - E-Mail
    - Authenticated SMTP connection is supported.
    - Support for older SMTP handshaking improved.
    - Improved functionality when using SIM ATK with Schlumberger SIM cards.
    - Phone checks the captioned characters in Get Input-field before sending (e.g. "p", "w", "?").
    - GPRS
    - Improved returning to service if MS had lost service during active GPRS connection.
    - Improved PDP context deactivation.
    - When GPRS "when available" is activated and afterwards cell info is activated, message changed to "Cell info may not always be shown while GPRS connection is active".
    - WAP
    - Improved WapGW response handling in case abort received from network.
    - Used language is sent in WAP headers.
    - Interoperability with CMG WapGW improved.
    - Bluetooth
    - Bluetooth server functionality improved when sending file during phone call.
    - Obex disconnection handling improved when using credit base flow control.
    - Java
    - HTTP POST handling improved for Midlets.
    - UTF-8 character encoding support in MIDP added.
    - Java download handling improved when install notification is included in jad-file
    - ALS
    - ALS support improved
    - Call barring requests can be independently set up on line 1 or 2.
    - CPHS
    - CPHS Network Name Display support added.
    - CSP removes Call Waiting setting item when needed.
    - Home Zone support implementation updated.
    - SIS installation includes now a version check. If Series60 installables with version information has not been updated, a warning note is displayed when installing SIS (full details from Forum Nokia).
    - Image upload handling to Club Nokia improved.
    - Current consumption optimisation (Light after Key-lock 15 s => 5 s, Ambient Light Sensor default setting to "Minimum").
    - IMEI-SV identification value sent to network has been changed to 08 (with SW 03.16 it was 01).
    - Language issues:
    - Russian: All T9 letters are appeared under correct buttons.
    - Hungarian: Key mappings changed (key "4").
    - Hungarian: Contacts, Find option recognises Hungarian 'double characters'.
    - Czech: Phonebook, sorting order of Czech double character "ch" in the Phonebook Names list changed.
    - Czech: Supplementary services: Missing word in call barring, General Settings: translations in call barring changed.
    - Greek: language mapping changed in T9 dictionary.
    - Greek: Alphabetical ordering changed.

    Changes made from version 3.12/3.121 to version 3.16:

    - MMS default access point is automatically activated
    - "no_save" -tag handling support included to WAP browser
    - IMEI-SV identification is incremented from 00 (SW 03.12) to 01 (SW 03.16)
    - Fixes certain issue in the SW. which might have caused the phone to jam totally, if the end user constantly keeps on adding new documents (pictures, ringing tones etc.) to his/her phone despite the device has already given several warnings about user memory being low and that the user should release memory.
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    народ подскажите плиз где найти прошивку 5.06

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